You’re Invited to Christmas JOY Telethon

When: TONIGHT Time: 6 to 11:15 pm

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Where: The Electric Bean: 946 Washington Way, Longview, WA

Hosted by: Karen G Clemenson and her nephew Braden

Living Ministries and our wonderful Sponsors are so excited to bring this event to you for the purpose of blessing our community!

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 Christmas JOY Telethon 2013
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Living Ministries is so glad you made it! If you can stop by The Electric Bean it would be great to see you face to face, but you can always call us to make a pledge or share some Christmas JOY…even get some prayer:


Christmas JOY Telethon is a FREE community event, but that doesn’t mean we wont have people to pay before the night is over…any leftovers will be given to groups and organizations that help people and animals in Cowlitz County. Please consider a Meaningful Donation. Thank you for helping.



Santa and Mending Hope Performing at Christmas JOY Telethon 2013. Photo by Amanda Wilson Portraiture

4th Annual Christmas JOY Telethon

Mission Statement:

Build relationships and spread JOY at Christmas.

Vision Statement:

1) Have fun and make friends

2) Bless our community through the ministries offered by Living Ministries, Canz4toyz and Hearts For Homeless Outreach and anyone else that wants to stand with us.

Christmas Joy Telethon was begun by Living Ministries in 2011 to help people in our community and bring joy to people. Originally it was known as Christmas Angel Telethon as a benefit for The Salvation Army but after a couple years we decided we wanted to spread out and touch more people and organizations in Cowlitz County….So we could say, “Merry Christmas,” to more people! Since 2013 this amazing event has been called Christmas JOY Telethon and has been located at The Electric Bean: Longview’s Premiere Music Venue!

Who Can Be Part of This Event

Anyone that loves our community and wants to see people happy! That means you!

For more information please Contact Us.

Living Ministries is completely volunteer run. No one takes a paycheck from Living Ministries. None of the money collected from Christmas Joy Telethon will go to pay any one person for services provided to or for Living Ministries that is not a payment for services toward this event or a similar community event or fundraiser for an organization offering similar services. Living Ministries is a non-reporting non-profit in the State of Washington.


Event Info

Christmas JOY Telethon 2014 Performers


CJT2014BandsFriday December 12, 2014

Does your child or performing group want a 5-10 min spot in the show?

Life is about being able to bounce…so come on over to the event and find someone with a name badge on and let them know and we will squeeze you in! Come be part of this Community Event and FUNdraiser!


Performer Information

Interview with Pat Palmer of Copies Today Speedy Litho at Christmas JOY Telethon 2012. Photo by Amanda Wilson Portraiture.

Interview with Pat Palmer of Copies Today Speedy Litho at Christmas JOY Telethon 2012. Photo by Amanda Wilson Portraiture.

If you are one of performers, Please Fill Out Our Release Form.


If you are a representative of an organization or group that helps people or would like to bring a  meaningful donation while you give a few words of JOY please Contact Us to get on the list.

Please come 15 minutes early so we can talk about how you want to be interviewed. If you would like to bring a banner or sign with your logo on it, please do so and we will help you set it up in the background.

Interviews are up to 7 minutes long and you may choose any of our hosts to interview you.

Musical performance by Jeremy Jones and Paul Lopez at Christmas JOY Telethon 2014. Photo by Amanda Wilson Portraiture

Musical performance by Jeremy Jones and Paul Lopez at Christmas JOY Telethon 2014. Photo by Amanda Wilson Portraiture

Mahalabeya Gamal has performed at Christmas JOY Telethon 2012 and 2013. Photo by Amanda Wilson Portraiture

Mahalabeya Gamal has performed at Christmas JOY Telethon 2012 and 2013. Photo by Amanda Wilson Portraiture


If you are one of performers, Please Fill Out Our Release Form.

We are so blessed to have 2 great bands for Christmas JOY Telethon 2014…waiting for confirmation on our 3rd main act. Bands will perform for up to an hour.

We hope to have techies available to help bands with this part of the production, but should bring their own.

We are working on getting funds to pay the band. Any donations are a blessing. If you know of a possible sponsor please Contact Us so we can follow up.

Please Contact Us to learn how you can audition. If you have performed at Christmas Angel Telethon 2011 or 2012 or Christmas JOY Telethon 2013 we consider that your audition….just pick the time slot you prefer and let us know about it…

If you are one of performers, Please Fill Out Our Release Form.

All photos taken by Amanda Wilson Portraiture are available for artists to use at their discretion. For print worthy copies of any photos on this site or on our Facebook Page please Contact Us so we can send a disk to you.

Living Ministries would like to thank you for supporting our community with the donation of your performance and expertise. We would like to encourage you to bring a meaningful donation during your performance time, but this is not required. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Thank You For Helping

ThankyouCJTIn years past we offered sponsorship levels, but most of the time the ones who gave the most, didn’t care so we have decided to keep this pretty basic.


Living Ministries would like to thank the following people and businesses that have donated time and resources to Christmas JOY Telethon 2014:

It is understood that sponsorship dollars will be distributed for marketing costs. Living Ministries is an all volunteer group. Our overhead is very low. These funds will only be used to cover necessary costs. Remaining dollars will be used at the discretion of Living Ministries Board of Directors. You are free to make suggestions for uses at a Living Ministries Power Meeting.

Last year the proceeds given to Living Ministries and their Affiliate Ministries were given back after a few families called for help….and of course we gave it to those families…


Thank You for Helping

Christmas JOY TelLMsquarelogoethon is a FUNdraiser Community Event to benefit Living Ministries and our Affiliate Ministries: Hearts For Homeless Outreach and Canz 4 Toyz. Our team of people have worked hard to find the best local artists and representatives from local organizations to fill 4.5 Hours of FUNdraising for our community for the last 4 YEARS!

Living Ministries
PO Box 416 Kelso, WA 98626

Like us on Facebook at

Follow us on Twitter at

We are always looking for new ideas…and TEAM MEMBERS. If you are interested in meeting us please join us at our monthly Power Meeting or Contact Us. We encouraging Being An Activist!

Because we are a Christian organization, we have worked hard to not portray Living Ministries as a church. If you are a member of a church we do not want to offend, nor do we want to say any church is better or otherwise than any other. We hope that you find fellowship wherever you feel that you can add to the body and be happy doing it.

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Living Ministries Annual Events to Build Relationships and Fill Needs in Our Community


The mission statement of Christmas Joy Telethon is Building Relationships & Spreading JOY @ Christmas.

ChristmasJoyTelethonDonateButtonYour donation of $5, $10 or more all adds up!

All proceeds donated to Christmas Joy Telethon will go to fund programs in our community. Learn more about Living Ministries’ Affiliated Ministries.

Thank you for your  Meaningful Donation.

Canz 4 Toyz collects cans all year round. Contact Us to learn how you can donate your Cans, Scrap Metal and Old Appliances.

To fulfill this part of our event we are SO THANKFUL  to the local businesses that host Soda Can Drop Spots and Money Jars! Drop Spots Coming Soon!

There are 3 ways to help financially:

1) Donate Online

2) Mail a Check

Mail your check made out to Living Ministries and mail to:

Living Ministries
PO Box 416
Kelso, WA 98626

3) Direct Deposit

Standing in line at Fibre Federal Credit Union? Ask for funds to be transferred to the Christmas Joy Telethon Fundraising Account #573378-01.

 Living Ministries is an all volunteer group. Our overhead is very low. These funds will only be used to cover necessary costs.


Welcome to Christmas JOY Telethon!

We are currently planning Christmas JOY Telethon 2014 and WE WANT YOU!

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Christmas Joy Telethon is brought to you by Living Ministries & The Electric Bean

Living Ministries
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Have questions?

⇐Call us at 360-610-7778 or fill out this form


Christmas JOY Telethon 2014

CJTFlyer2014webLongview, WA December 12, 2014 — Spread JOY @ Christmas
Friday December 12, 2014
6 pm to 11 pm
The Electric Bean
946 Washington Way
Longview, WA 98632

LIVE from The Electric Bean join us for the 4th Annual Christmas JOY Telethon! We will have face painting, pictures with Santa by Jen White Studios, Candy Cane Hunt and other activities. Musical performances by Paul Mauer, Carl Wirkkala and The Ghost Town Boys, and Claire Beck will fill the air with joy!

Funds collected will be used in our community by Living Ministries, Hearts For Homeless Outreach and Canz 4 Toyz. Living Ministries is a volunteer-run, non-reporting non-profit in the State of Washington; all monies donated go back to the community through various ministries and community projects we donate to.

Thank you to sponsors: Allied Hearing Aid Specialists, Ray Baker, Candy Caton-Brown, Copies Today Speedy Litho, The Electric Bean, Exclaim Media Video & Marketing, Family Chiropractic, Janice Forbes, Jen White StudiosKelso Longview Chamber of Commerce, & Prographyx.


Summer D Clemenson
Living Ministries Executive Director
(360) 610-7778
PO Box 416
Kelso, WA 98626

See our Contact Us Page to send an email.

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Christmas JOY Telethon 2013 Recap

TelethonThankyouChristmas JOY Telethon 2013 landed at the calm before the storm which is why this recap has taken so long to get to you. Living Ministries has been so busy living life and building relationships and getting back on our feet, but memories of this glorious night has brought us all JOY along the way.

First, we had a new venue on year 3. The Electric Bean is the PERFECT venue for this event or any event that includes amazing local musicians. The lighting, sound and stage were made for this! The staff and volunteers (most of the people that work at The Electric Bean are volunteers) are well-trained, dedicated and BIG-HEARTED! From a community stand point I loved the fact that there are less entrances and corners to worry about people and what “could” happen. Although many people like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage at community events, I also felt a peace knowing that I didn’t have to worry about people having a little too much to drink and then driving home…however The EB is just a short walk from other places like Vernie’s or Triangle Sports Pub and Grub and The Office 842 where you can wet your whistle. Living Ministries would like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to Andrew and all his peeps that made our musicians, guests and team members all happy. We all agreed that this was the best telethon since we started in 2011 for spreading JOY at Christmas!

BradenwithTheGrinchMaxandSusieLooWhoWe were so excited to have The Grinch and Santa at this event and Amanda Wilson Portraiture was there again to capture the JOY! For all three telethons Amanda has captured the beauty and some of the magic that happens at Christmas JOY Telethon. We are so thankful for her! She set up a photo area with props and some of the cutest pictures you could ever pose for were created…however I have to admit that some of the event coverage pictures that were candid are my absolute favorites! You sure can tell that Amanda loves people when you look at her pictures.

This being the first year that Christmas JOY Telethon was strictly a community event to benefit Living Ministries and their affiliate ministries we needed new marketing materials. Luckily when Exclaim Media Video & Marketing found out they were on it…in fact they even had art they had created on a whim, following Christmas Angel Telethon 2012, that was waiting to be used which turned out to be our logo! They were quick to redesign our website and help us rename our Facebook page and Twitter. We LOVED the flyers and banners and signs they created for us to use. We even had an amazing video PSA that played on KLTV and shared online that was so fun!

SantaandMendingHopeAs always, Copies Today Speedy Litho was there to help us with printing. We are so thankful for their regular sponsorship of our drives, especially Christmas JOY Telethon. They are so gracious to let us carry an account that we can make payments on monthly for all our print marketing needs…it seems to me that sometimes that account shrinks quite suddenly…and for that I have to give a huge thanks to Pat Palmer and his team for being so generous and handling my last minute orders with speed and grace.

Prographyx has always been a supported of our telethon. When we decided to change the name of the event and had totally new art, we needed a new banner and Prographyx was there for us! Cal Dowd and his team were there to donate not one, but LMTWO new banners. They also donated event t-shirts which we proudly wore! We are so thankful for their generosity!

Since the beginning Valley Bugler Newspaper has been a supporter of Christmas JOY Telethon. They have printed advertisements and thank you ads for us for free and earned a soft spot in our hearts as one of our major media sponsors! Thank you Michelle Myer!

We were so excited to have affiliate ministries to help out this year! Hearts For Homeless Outreach is led by an amazing family that loves people so much and they were glad to join us. Living Ministries helps them with marketing costs and hails fundraising efforts for them while they work in the trenches. We also were inspired to invite Canz 4 Toyz to join Christmas JOY Telethon and help them get the word out of what they do to help make Christmas more merry for children in Cowlitz County. This was the first year were were in the Christmas Parade and with the help of Rightway RV, who loaned us a trailer and generator, Western World , who gave us lynnandkarenbales of hay to sit on, and the man-power of Living Ministries, Hearts For Homeless and Canz 4 Toyz we handed out 500 business cards and candy to parade watchers…when we had run out of treats we enjoyed wishing people Merry Christmas as we drove past, showing off our beautiful banners and borrowed decorations. Our bodies were freezing but our hearts were SO WARM! 

summerAt the last minute Karen’s co-host had a family emergency and had to cancel. When we looked around for a co-host at this late moment, the idea occurred to us to have our nephew, Braden join us. Although he was only 10 at the time, his curiosity, loving heart and exuberance made Christmas JOY Telethon even more special and fun! There was a moment when Karen was really tired and he looked at her and said, “Auntie Karen, I can do this. You rest.” And he grabbed the mic and rocked it. My family is amazing and Braden exemplifies this!

At the event we had certificates donated to us by Canyonview Cyclery, Holos Yoga, Applebees and items donated by Knotty Wares to give away and make the night more merry. We also had Linda Haarstad out in front selling her handmade jewelry which also added to the FUNdraising part of Christmas JOY Telethon more lucrative.

MahalabeyaGamalChristmas JOY Telethon would not be the same without the performers that donated their time and talents to this wonderful night! Following opening ceremonies, where Karen made me sing the national anthem we were blown away by the musical stylings of Raeann Phillips, Mending Hope (who invited Santa on stage for a duet), Mark Macminn, Paul Mauer, Tom Stiltz, Consecrated Revivalists Band and Paul Lopez & Jeremy Jones who helped us finish our night with amazing worship! We also enjoyed repeat performances from the Longview Parks & Rec Belly Dancers, who led by Sue Libby, had joined us in Telethon 2012!

Overall it was a night to remember! 

LindaWhat was my favorite part of our 3rd Annual Christmas JOY Telethon? The same as any event that Living Ministries is at. We are not a church, but each of us has assignments and callings and there are always moments when it is all about a specific person and someone on our team has the words or actions, inspired by God, they need for that moment on their path. I was overjoyed that even in the chaos of this community event, there were times I would happen to glance in a corner or even in the middle of the room and I could feel that there was a ministry moment going on. I would send up a quick, “Yes and Amen,” and know that the world would change a bit in that moment.

I would like to give a huge thank you to all the people that made this event possible, especially if I forgot to mention you. We are so looking forward to Christmas JOY Telethon 2014…which is exactly 1 week from tomorrow!

God Bless You,

Summer D Clemenson
Executive Director
Living Ministries

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CJT Planning Meeting – November 4, 2013

CATPlanningMeetingAdColor11-18To: All Interested Parties
From: Christmas Joy Telethon Planning Committee
Date: November 4, 2013
Location: The Electric Bean, 946 Washington Way, Longview, WA 98632
Attendance: Karen Gidderon, Summer D Clemenson, Mindy Schlecht, Debra Lawson-Bean, Linda Haarstad, Lynn Brown & Jamie Holloway via Facebook Streaming Read More